Transparent LED poster awarded width IF in 2017
DIY Editor

There are plenty of content for users to choose from. Anyone can use it to make a vivid advertising just like a graphic designer standing by.

Easy connection

Easy management

The App provides the uers an easy management of the playlist, the day model, the playing schedule, and the hardware setting up.

You can control the display anywhere and anytime.



With a transparency of up to 73% , the NexPoster will allow the natural light to enter your spaces, keeping a clear sight of the outdoors at the same time! The transparency will be bi-directional, giving your spaces / stores that open feeling you have been looking for.


With brightness achieving  up to 6,000 Nits (more than 10 times that of conventional OLED screens). Even in direct sunlight, the viewing of your content is  guaranteed, making your promotions stand out is the goal!

Quiet & effective

The NexPoster it is the perfect silent sales person! Unlike traditional LED screens which required loud fans to cool them down, the NextPoster is a noise free media. No cooling fans are required, making them as silent as your old paper posters but with dynamic advertisings, animations and videos. No more wasting time on weekly printing and installing, use the NexPoster and change your adds every minutes or as often as you want!

Take control of your marketing

Control your NexPoster from your Smartphones using the Nexnovo App. From content editing to programming, all is done in a simple few clicks!


Cloud Control

No matter is you have one or multiple stores in different areas, with the NEXNOVO secure cloud, you can target specific markets and manage them all from one single locations

Just in time

Create your own content, instantly send it to your NexPoster and be just in time to make your audience react. Rainy days? Advertise umbrella’s, on sunny days, advertise your specials on sunscreens! It’s that simple and efficient.

Easy installation

The installation is a very simple process with multiple options, to make your screen perfectly fit in your overall store design.

Energy Saving

Obviously the high efficiency LEDs will make you save big! The average consumption is only 240 Watts per hour.

NP 2.0S

NP 2.1M

NP 2.6M